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Site setup

Running a website can involve relationships with multiple vendors. We can set up your accounts and negotiate on your behalf to get things up and running. Thorough and clearly written notes provided throughout.

Information architecture

The hardest part of making a website is turning a concept into an actual information structure. We write up a plan with primary navigation, secondary navigation and possibly tertiary navigation.

Visual design

Monomedia has an outsourced stable of great graphic designers with Web expertise. Or you can hand our website information architecture document to one or more visual designers of your own choosing.

Site construction

We can actually build your website, page-by-page. Plus the all-governing CSS stylesheet that saves you mondo work, long-term. Or we can train you to do this yourself.

Webmaster by the hour

The number-one complaint we hear from the frustrated site owner is that your site is out of date and you cannot update it yourself. We can update your site for an hourly rate. We can also set you up to maintain your own site.


Ready to create your own online diary -- for business purposes, for a hobby, or for family? A weblog is really just a website with an easy-to-use editing tool. We can help you choose a weblog tool that's best for you. And we can walk you through site setup, visual design and information architecture.

Total website management

Looking to outsource all your website work? We perform all the services listed above -- and more -- as part of a total website management solution for your company or organization.