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Software design

Product management

First and foremost, you have an idea for a piece of software that solves a business problem in a market you understand better than anyone else.

So ... how do you actually get it built?

That's where Monomedia comes in.

You could hire an outsourced application development firm to create your software, and in fact you probably should.

But who will manage the outsourced process for you? Unless you have the skills to manage programmers, you may be at a loss.

So ... how do you manage programmers?

Many firms offer "project managers" who are certified in project management but who don't know how to do any substantial part of software development with their own two hands.

Not here. We lead from skill. We provide your outsourced development team with the design documents and management they need to actually execute your vision.

User interface design

Monomedia specializes in hosted applications.

  • How do you make Internet-based software work?
  • How do you design a product that users love?
  • What are the best ways to keep users from getting stuck?

We are experts in this area. We make user interfaces that coders actually build from. We don't create wasteful 300-page specs that programmers don't read.

With the right UI specs:

  • Programmers have what they need to code the right solution the first time.
  • Testers have clear requirements for test cases.
  • Technical writers have clear instructions for online Help and manuals.
  • Executives and customers have a clear picture of what the software will look like and do.
  • Users get a software application that was designed from the outset for ease of use.

Web-based training

We specialize in creating easy-to-use lessons that can be maintained efficiently in multiple languages.


Specializing in clear, jargon-free writing, images and layout.


Need to deliver in multiple languages? We can help you internationalize your deliverables so they're ready for multiple languages:

  • Software.
  • Websites.
  • Marketing collateral.
  • Training materials.


Actually translating your text is a multi-step process with many potential pitfalls. We have deep experience with managing translation projects. We can guide you through a successful multi-language rollout of your software, website, training materials and marketing collateral.

Ask us about managing your localization vendor for you.

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