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Copy editing

When you're writing for publication, don't take the chance of shipping your copy without a savvy copy editor first giving it a thoroughly professional review. We edit copy fast and professionally, and our prices are competitive.


What's the difference between proofreading and copy editing? Mainly format. If your golden prose is on paper, or in a format that's not electronically editable, we'll mark up the paper copy in old-fashioned red ink and deliver the results back to you, stat.

Story editing/rewriting

Here we have the editorial equivalent of deep-tissue massage. Need some structural work on your copy? We'll go as far into it as you need. Sometimes it's a little. Sometimes it's a lot. Did you bury the lede (old newspaper jargon) in the 25th paragraph? We'll let you know.

Whatever it takes to get the story right, that's what you'll get.

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